#EdTech Toolkit

I love tech. The intersection of learning + education + technology is totally interesting. Learning about new education technology tools, apps and websites is something I do every day. Take a look at the different tools and resources that I've collected along the way!

Lesson Planning

Planboard -- this website helps you plan out your class, down to the day. As a preservice teacher, planning units with this website (and iPad app) is so helpful. Check it out for free today!

Digital Lessons

Stile -- this digital lesson creation tool allows teachers to create digital lessons for students. With a ton of options including open-ended projects and peer learning, this is a powerful tool to reach students. Lessons are created with a drag and drop editor with options to include videos, images, graphs, polls, and so much more.

OpenEd -- this site offers a huge K-12 resource library. You can utilize prebuilt quizzes and homework that match up to CCSS, or create your own. It's available on desktops, tables and mobile devices.

ChallengeU -- this site offers educators the tools to create learning challenges.

Opinion Stage -- you've seen the Buzzfeed quizzes, now you can create your own. Although a little more commercial focused, this seems like an interesting tool that should be given a try.

Classroom Tech Resources

Evernote -- this is such a powerful online note-taking and all-around awesome tool. Check out the article from Edutopia to see more about why I think this is a must for any 21st century classroom!

Nearpod -- seriously an awesome tool. An incredible tech tool for 1:1 classrooms.